Friday, July 15, 2011

Post Number Five Hundred

Post Number Five Hundred. I am well aware that some people post this much in a years time. But for me its a milestone. I love this blog its a place for me. I guess that last phrase does not make much sense but it does to me.

So my boys are fishing on the far side of Vancouver Island this weekend. Brian left on Thursday and Elliot will be gone in the morning. He is actually at my Mother In Laws now and boy was it hard to leave that little bugger. I am so excited for him to experience big water as he would say, but it was hard for me to send him on his first trip without me. And it was hard for him too. He had quite a lot of anxiety before falling asleep and it took a lot of reassurance but he has promised to take it one day at a time. I know as soon as he gets there I will be long forgotten and his Dad and Grandpa will be there to pick up the slack and wow him with fishing poles, junk food, power boats and giant fish.

Grace and I are taking in a girl weekend. The American Girl Store opens up in Lynnwood tomorrow and we will be two of the crazies attempting to primp our doll. We are also planning to do some shopping and have lunch. Can't get any more perfect in my book. As I am typing my little sugar plum is all bundled up in our bed because she insisted on a sleep over. I laid with her for awhile and then I bailed. I am a night owl and it was still to early for me to sleep. Another secret is as fun as a sleepover sounds Grace is horrible to sleep with:) She kicks and punches and she snores (she has snored since the day she was born like a trucker no joke, even without adnoids and tonsils at this point she she still snores lightly) and she drools. I have now told you all of her secrets, but she is the cutest drooler/snorer there ever was. So don't let that scare you.

On Sunday we will teach Sunday School and go to a birthday party and then I think we will have a popcorn party.

On Monday we will have Smalls. And late, late, Monday night our boys come home.

Elliot and Grace gave each other a kiss and hug when we left him tonight. They really do not like to be apart for any length of time especially Grace she loves her Elliot. I actually think this is why she is not sleeping upstairs tonight but no matter. I always thought having a big brother would be nice and I think for the most part for her that is true.

And another secret I really do not like being apart for any length of time either. I guess its good that I still like to be with my husband most of the time after almost ten years.

Well as I write this I can hear Grace talking in her sleep, it may be a long night. I guess I can always sleep in her bed if I need to;)

More posts to come about the above mentioned trips.

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