Thursday, July 7, 2011

Outdoor Movie Night

The outdoor movie night was the best ever. We invited a ton of people up to my parents for an outdoor movie night on Sunday. I chose Sandlot...the only mistake I suppose...I hadn't seen this movie since I was a kid and what I remembered was a baseball movie involving young boys and a few shenanigans. It was this but it also had a lot of language I didn't remember. All is forgiven and I haven't had any problem with my kids repeating anything that they heard so it must not have been as bad as I thought.

So we made the screen out of a roofing frame my Dad had and some old sheets. We borrowed a projector from Uncle Loop and our friend Todd had all of the sound equipment because when he isn't farming he DJs on occasion.

We started the night at 6pm with a weenie roast, we followed this up with hours of zip lining until dark(Brian and his friends built a zip line that runs through the backside of their property a few weeks back), we roasted smores, fished in the pond and just hung around. Once it was dark we made popcorn and watched the movie. We all set up lawn chairs and blankets it was so fun. Some of us camped overnight and enjoyed breakfast together in the morning and some went home after the movie.
Miss Emma in her jammies enjoying a tasty smore by the fire.

This was one of the best nights I have had in a long time we are so blessed to have good friends and family that we enjoy spending time with.

And a big thanks to my parents for letting us take over their place and for accommodating all of our desires. My dad my jokes all night about charging us for camping and day use;)

And this is what you do when you think you are a man but you are really a boy in the country. You assert yourself by driving something with power and smells like gasoline and oil and you drive your buddies and your sister around.

Matthew and Grace talking about who knows what very seriously on the dock. The quality isn't great because I was attempting to take the picture from somewhat far away in an attempt to not ruin the moment. Grace and Matthew say they aree going to get married someday...I am pretty sure Matthew is one of the nicest boys I know so I am okay with this for now.

This was pretty much the energy level of all the kids for the evening, a lot of sugar and too much adrenaline from the zipline. I am happy to say they were all well behaved and had so much fun.

Amy was the fisherwoman of the night, she caught quite a few and helped the kids too.

Zipline spectators.
You can also kind of see the movie screen behind them.

I thought I took way more pictures...too bad. Guess we were having to much fun:)

Oh and one last tid bit if you want to see me make a total fool out myself but having a lot of fun in the process you can watch me take a trip down the zipline. It takes a few seconds for me to come down so just be patient.

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