Thursday, February 10, 2011

Belltown Restaurant Tour

My Mom was super creative with Christmas this year, instead of giving each person a gift she gave each couple a gift. I thought that was fun. So our gift was a restaurant tour through Bellevue. Two of the restaurants are marked by James Beard Awards. At each restaurant we will get to have a menu tasting and a tour of the restaurant:) I am super excited, as you can probably tell.

Hopefully I will get lots of pictures. I will attempt to not let you down and include names and overviews of each venue. Each restaurant holds represents a different type of cuisine and eating environment so this should be very interesting as well.

We are also going to double this as a Valentine's Day celebration and head down a little early to do some window shopping. I am trying to talk Brian into stopping for donuts and chocolate milk on the way out of town.....Rocket Donuts please:)

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