Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dear Mr Husband,

Dear Mr. Husband, (I will save my more mushy nicknames for just me and you;)

Thank you for asking me to marry you 9 years ago this month on the 9th to be exact. I am not quite sure what I would do without you. I most certainly would not survive my two nights of no sleep due to much prayer over life, if I then couldn't spill my guts to you over a mommy and daddy breakfast date. Thank you for not going bug eyed and pulling your hair out because I am a bit cooky sometimes:) Thank you for singing to me in stores while we are shopping and not listening to me when i ask you to please keep it down, I secretly love it even though strangers stare at us with, what I think is, pity for me(just kidding). Thank you for smiling at me with dimples when I tell you I am frustrated...you have the best dimples in the world, and I must thank you in advance for passing them onto our children and teaching them how to use them on me, its helpful! Thank you for finding my engagement ring when it dropped into the snow atop the mountain you proposed to me on, I would be sad without it! Thanks for making this life fun!! You are the best friend I could ever have! Thanks for ultimately just wanting me to be happy, its the best having you be my personal cheerleader!! Thanks for attempting to set everyone we know that is single up with someone else we know that is single, it reminds me of your grandpa:) Your quest for others coupled happiness is sweet to me, lets just make sure people are really single next time:) Thanks for telling me to write down my dreams so we can get to all of them someday even if it isn't right now! Thanks for knowing whats important to me and trying your best to honor those things and apologizing when you can't!

You are the best Mr. Husband!! I am the luckiest Mrs. Wife in the world! Lets be together forever!

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