Sunday, February 6, 2011

What to do on a sick day.?

I have come to find out I am very much out of touch with what to do on sick days. We are sick very rarely in this house....thankfully. We forgot how boring it is.

Elliot came down with Strep Throat last night:( Nearly everyone at school has had it in the last two weeks and it seems it is our turn.

So what have we done today?

-Watched Countless episodes of Mythbusters.
-Scoured Ebay to see if said little boy had enough cash to snatch up some of his wished for discontinued Lego sets.
-Had a quiet reading hour.
-More Mythbusters.
-DS (don't judge the little dude is miserable and bored)

Fresh out of ideas.

Daddy went to watch the Superbowl. I am pooped and I haven't hardly done anything today.

The boy wants a milkshake and since I no longer have a blender (shocking) I think we will go find one at a drive through. Fresh Air will be nice...? Don't worry we won't leave the car, no need to spread the love.

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