Friday, February 11, 2011

Prayer Request

Just asking for prayer this morning on behalf of a family at our school. Their little boy ( a 1st grader) came down with Strep A this week and was admitted to Childrens. We got word that he would be having open heart surgery at 8:30am today. I can not imagine what they must be going through. I do know that God is with them. Please pray for the Drs. involved as well as for comfort for them as they go through this.


Peter and Lesha said...

hey girl, it's Lesha (andrea's sister) and I just have to say how sad that is for that family and how I hope and pray it all turns out. Second, your daughter is such a spitting image of you! I can still remember seeing you looking just like that:) cute kids

Julie said...

Heard about this through the prayer chain at church and that he made it through surgery. PTL! Will continue to pray.

Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

I'm not sure when you posted this but I too posted about prayer today. Interesting.
What a trial that family is facing. I cannot imagine. That just breaks my heart.
They will be in my prayers.