Friday, March 4, 2011



As I was tucking my little sassyfrass in last night she began to cry. Why you ask? Oh because she doesn't ever want to get married or move out of the house. Brian told her maybe she could buy a house next door (this did not help). She said she never wants to be without sweet(I say). Brian says hes O.K. with her thinking she never wants to get married but she may not live here forever.
I mentioned that some day she would grow into a Mommy sized woman and meet a nice man that would want to marry her. She said she didn't ever want to be a woman and she never wanted to meet a silly man:) I giggled (this did not help either). Because she is serious you know.
This conversation is the second we have had in covering this topic. Last time she told me she would get married but live in her room upstairs still. I asked her where would her husband sleep she said in a sleeping bag next to her kids. I guess she has it all figured out.
Don't tell Brian but at this point the empty nest thing sounds terrifying so in my opinion she can stay as long as she wants;) She is 5 1/2 so she has some time to figure this all out.

This is the only guy she needs in her life right now anyway. She is totally a Grandpas girl right now.

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Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

How sweet.
Grace looks too grown up with that haircut and cute skinny jeans!