Friday, March 11, 2011

How Mama Is Going To Attempt To Get Her Groove Back

I am attempting to chill out!!! This is how I will get my groove back. Over the last year I have had to be more organized and scheduled than ever in my adult life and I am just now starting to feel the effects of the evil beast squeezing the life out of me. It effects everyone. So a few weeks back I took some steps to make that load lighter and be able to enjoy my life within the walls of my house more. It is taking adjustment and I struggle to regain purpose in my quest to find the joy of just being still. But I will get there.

I feel as if I am conditioning myself with drop therapy. I am forcing myself to be okay with saying no to things or requests (this is a life long battle it will take time), I make myself allow time for mornings with not getting dressed until we have to (my Grace is a homebody and I need to do this for her), ignoring outside pressures to live up to some ideal I can not and allowing for mess and chaos and just flowing with it (my husband needs this).

So yesterday Grace and I had a giant tea party in the kitchen she got more than 40 pieces of dishware out of the cupboards, filled my fiesta carafes with water, set up all of her stuffies and dolls, and threw the grandest kitchen floor tea party one has ever seen. And although it was hard for me to put aside my assembly line of lasagnas, I did it and we were late later on because of it but who cares sometimes, my girl needed me to bring crackers and polish to her tea party and so obliged and I did. I laid on the floor in between a bear and a dog and acted like a lady because you can't put all your crackers in your mouth at one time at a tea says Grace.
I am learning to enjoy and relax and its hard but I will get there. I let her leave her tea party and giant fort up all day by the way.....and I my husband left it to because he knows about my quest, and he is the other half of this dynamic duo.

When I put Grace to bed she told we had a pretty good day except for the time she got a tiny bit grumpy and the other time she got a little bit sassy, she followed this by saying I was a little bit sassy to:) And this is why I love Grace shes always brutally honest.

And she knows how to throw a mean tea party as well;)

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The Mom said...

At first I was afraid there was a rat running around in the background during the tea party. Then I realized it was just your little tiny dog.

I am so glad you girls had such a grand time and I'm proud of you for starting to say 'no'. :)