Friday, March 18, 2011

Why Me?

A conversation I had with God this morning.

Why Me?
Because I said so.

My lack of acceptance and fear that this was the best answer I would get led me to ask again.

No But Why Me?
Because I chose you.

Simple answers were not going to be enough so I asked again.

Why Me, is this really your prodding or something else?
Because you are the only one.

It is interesting how clearly I heard His voice this morning. I have been through the mill with a certain situation in the last few weeks and it has been relentless. Just when I think the worst has come and the most discomfort has been put upon me, the phone rings and my world is shaken and I have fear and uncertainty.

Yet the only certainty I need is my loving God who has allowed this to come into my life. And he knows I can handle it and sometimes we are chosen because we are the only ones who have the cards to play with. And so I will take this day by storm with God going before me. And he will be the one who smooths the path before I even get there.

It is so interesting to me that being chosen for certain experiences can be so terrifying yet so amazingly comforting all at the same time. Being through storms before I know that no matter how scary it is at the time, with Gods provision I come out stronger in the end.

Onward...that's the word.

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