Friday, March 4, 2011

Kitchen Plans and What Not.

I know I have not done my kitchen must have for this week..I know what I am going to do though, so maybe tomorrow.

I was hoping to share the plans for the new kitchen but I am experiencing technical difficulties so you will have to live with the picture of then new stove for now. We are having brand new cabinets put in (can I get a woo woo?). My goal was to get all of the appliances purchased first so we could build the kitchen around there dimensions and now that I finally chose the range, my goal is complete.

This is the range.

The drawer is actually a warming drawer and it has a triple rack, I am excited its super nice and after living with apartment ovens and the oven I have now, lets just say I could pretty much throw up I am so thrilled:) Its a Kitcheaid

This is the dishwasher we purchased.

Its a Kitchenaid. Ours is white though.
Its virtually silent when it runs and gets my dishes cleaner than I could have ever dreamed. I may be in love. It has a pot scrubbing feature and a food grinder, which is great because Elliot has started loading the dishwasher and although he is a whizz at puzzling everything in there the rinsing gets forgotten. When we moved into our house 5 years ago the dishwasher was the first thing we replaced, not having bought kitchen appliances before we for the middle of line, thinking no big thing. Well we found out about 6months later it was a big thing because the electrical panel went out and when faced with a hefty repair bill we decided to put the old one back in and throw the new one out:) We now buy protection plans and research what other people are experiencing. It seems to work better this way:)

So far I love all the new appliances. I haven't tried the oven yet I suppose, it will be here in a few weeks..right about the time the new cabinets will be put in.

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