Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Daddy's Girl.

Grace does not want to get married ever. She also is adamant about living here with Brian and I forever.This cracks me up because I believe she is so going to take this world by force when the time is appropriate. She is my free spirit. Graces aspirations at this point are to be a mommy and give money to the poor (have I mentioned how much I love this girl). Recently I asked her about the whole mommy thing without a daddy. She told me if there had to be a daddy he could sleep on her bedroom floor in a sleeping bag and we could get her kids bunk beds (again the innocence).

I have questioned her on many occasion and I think the reason she sees no point in getting married is in direct relation to her relationship with her dad. At this point in Grace's life all of her stability and comfort and safety is totally placed within her dad. So at this point why would she ever need another man. If she lives here for the rest of eternity why would she need a husband her dad takes care of all of those needs she sees for a man at this point. I love this for a number of reasons. I also love that with great articulation she expressed this all to me. I wish you could have been there. More than that I wish she would have said this to her Dad herself. Why do I need to get married if I have dad.......He always keeps me safe?

I love watching the two of them together. Does she have him completely wrapped around her cute little finger? Heck Yes! Do I secretly love this? Heck Yes! They have a relationship that is second to none. At this point he so sets the moon in the sky. And at this point he sees nothing sweeter than this little girl no matter how sassy she might be. And I love it!

I am so glad Grace can feel this security from her dad at this point. A man that is Godly and just and fair and loving and supportive and so incredibly dedicated to this family. She is blessed beyond her knowledge at this point! I also hope that when she does get to the point of possible wanting to be married this is the sort of man she will look for.

Its an amazing relationship this daddy daughter thing. I am blessed just to witness what is supposed to look like. I think God intends this relationship to be the way it is for my little girl!

Brian Jager you are an amazing father to both of your children. I always knew you would be! They are blessed to have you!

And just so you know i am in no rush for Grace to think any differently than she does. I just have a habit of asking my kids questions to better understand them and some times I get some really great answers. If I have learned anything in the last 8 years of being a mom I have learned to talk to my kids constantly.

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