Friday, January 20, 2012

I gotta get outta this place...if its the last thing I ever do.

And now all the Mommies with school age children sing it with me. Now don't get me wrong I love my children and in all actuality they have been amazing this week. However a change of scenery would be nice. Something to be able to plan for would be even more awesome.

To be totally honest I did get out of the house last night thanks to my father - in - law who was nice enough to pick me up for the church board meeting. So I did experience a bit of a change in scenery for a short while. And I was thankful even if it the meeting was all about budgets...I hate budgeting although in our house it is part of my job and I kind of rock at it:) I'm not kidding I really do:)

What better to wrap up this amazing week then a ten for ten list. Yes this is my attempt at being funny:)

#1 - We have bought our tickets for Costa Rica...using an international flights budget service, they are booked. We also avoided a 12 hour layover on the way home in Houston....can I get a woot woot:) They other thing we avoided- much to Beejers liking- was flying the taco:) There is an airline out there called Taca....beej refers to it as the Taco and was very against flying with them for no other reason then it being called the taco:) Taca Airlines we have nothing against you but your name could use some help according to the hub dub.

#2 - Remember how I told you guys I was doing endless amounts of laundry to avoid pipes bursting? Apparently we should have been taking endless amounts of showers and baths because the shower pipes froze and started leaking profusely:) Yep awesomeness. Bring on the snow and ice I love it! The frosting on the cake was a brief stent without our furnace as well. Apparently the emergency shut off switch got bumped while fixing pipes. Three Cheers for This Old House:)

#3 - I am wearing black leggings for the 12th day in a row. I have washed them after each wear, remember the endless laundry cycles. They are very comfortable and quite warm however I am sure they are losing their attractiveness at this point. We may need to have a ceremonial burning when I can finally leave the house. However, after spending this many days on my bum they may become the only thing that fits:)

#4 - Did I mention I made no bake cookies yesterday and I have eaten about 6 or 7. Self control has left the building. Those things are so darn delicious:)
#5 - I have five children today. They are cute and having fun. I think the neighbor kids are coming over too when the Josherwoggie wakes up. Seems that my friend T has a bit of Cabin Fever too.
Sorry for the photo quality or lack there of, my sister texted these to me yesterday.
# 6- Josh has learned to do fishy lips and if this isn't the cutest thing ever I don't know what is. And now when I say my nephew is cuter than yours I will be officially right;)

#7 I'm going to boot camp tomorrow...even if I have to walk there.

#8 I'm pretty sure I have a ear infection again. However the snow has kept from my appt. so I will have to try again next week.

#9 The kids are so cute. Grace has been saying JK all day like just kidding.

#10 Pizza for dinner tonight gotta mix things up.

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