Monday, August 6, 2012


The Other night I fell asleep thanking God for giving me a full life, naming each item that makes it such.

It was following a day of simple time spent at the lake with good friends.

The evening that followed was full of laughter over children that were beyond tired but not crabby...just crazy. A toddler that has learned to tackle his older cousins and older cousins that take every bit of it encouraging him as the go. Witnessing as a bystander is just as much fun as being part of the action. I never believed with the age difference that these little ones would be so close.

I am blessed beyond with not just family but friends that are close enough to be categorized as such....

We are so blessed it is overwhelming at times.





Did I mention we traveled in a giant van all together to the beach. It was fun! I think the my friend the farmer would agree we have some pretty great kiddos:)


And we were lucky enough to bring the Joshy along too and boy did he love the lake!

Its a great life this one!

Oh and BTW my camera worked for the day...yay!

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