Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Rahsta Style.


Happy Birthday to the Best Friend a girl could have.

The last of us to turn 30.

Let me tell you a few things about the Rah.

Number 1 - If you need a cheerleader she's your girl. For anything she will literally cheer you on for any life moment big or small.

Number 2 - She's loyal. She is always there. Ain't no one going to be saying or doing anything negative about or to her friends or family. And she is always there when you need her.

Number 3 - She loves my kids. Even now she is upstairs playing lego rock band on her Birthday. She has thoroughly convinced my children that sometimes she comes over just to see them. Oh and did I forget to mention she took my kids for an entire week during her spring break so that I could go to Costa Rica. She's that awesome.

Numero Quatro - She's down for anything. I can mention I want to do this or this is on my bucket list and she is already to make it happen.

Five - She's in the process of adopting a "kid" as the kids refer to her new addition. Every time they see her which is often they ask her if she got her "kid" yet as if she keeps him/her under the stairs when she goes out. This sweet thing is in for a treat as it will be joining the greatest little family in the world. She is going to be a great mom...more prepared and ready than anyone I know! I mean really!

Six - She will call me or anyone on their crap. If I say something ridiculous she calls me on it, which is often:)

Number Seven - She invented the best friend booty call. This is genius! Anytime one of us is having a bad day or just needs to talk they can call the other and ask for a Margarita and at least an hour of girl talk. Sometimes we can leave in 10 minutes sometimes we leave after my kiddos are in bed but it happens nonetheless and it makes us happy. The person who calls the get together pays for the outing.

Ocho - She is really just the best ever PERIOD!

Happy birthday Rah you are the best friend a girl can have. We all love you over here. We were blessed to share this last year with you and are excited to share the next!!

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