Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It Pays to Play.

Here is a chance for you to win one of my oh so delicious chocolate chiffon pies . Every last bit of made my two hands. Home Made folks.

How do you win?

Tell me how much these three bags of groceries cost me today for a job in the moo.

The only hint I will give you is I beat my record on cost of three bags of groceries today and shocked myself. The checker herself could not believe the total.


And yes I buy graham crackers and yes I prefer name brand it makes a difference. Its the only way to go with chocolate chiffon pie. Some would argue a pastry crust but they are wrong:)

Okay so if you win I will hand deliver a pie. Closest person wins but must be within $10.


The Mom said...

I'm going to guess $50 but how about you just make us a pie anyway since we are so fabulous.

Andrea said...

This is my favorite game and I love it when I beat my own budget. My guess is $36. I am staring at those bags trying to see what else is in them :)

Anonymous said...

$250 - Justin
$210 - Sarah

P.S. name brand graham crackers are WAY crunchier.