Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Whats on the menu today.

I have a dinner for two tonight and a drop for their opening crab season party.

Heres whats up.

Lets do dessert first....

Angel Food Cake.....home made of course....with sliced strawberries and whipped cream...Barbies got the best of the season right now if you were wondering
Chocolate Chiffon Pie
Chocolate Mousse Pie...complete with a wraparound chocolate crust...

Dinner Tonight

Prosciutto and Melon garnished with mint and a balsamic drizzle

Scampi cocktail with fennel, and preserved lemon...with a sauce finished with cream and Pernod

Sautéed Dover Sole with a bundle of fresh green beans and a blirp of mustard sauce

Filet Mignon with sliced Heirloom tomatoes garnished with herbs and olive oil

And dessert is the chocolate chiffon pie mentioned above.

For their party tomorrow.

Fresh baked garlic bread...boring.

Famous Layered Party Salad

Cold Green Bean Salad with red onion, cucumber, and garden fresh tomatoes..toped with a lemon vinaigrette.

Oh and I couldn't forget the Chili Rubbed Shrimp served atop a avocado salsa.

Its a good day in the kitchen y'all. Even if it is 80 degrees out already and rising. With no air conditioning I am still managing my own dance party in the kitchen.

Lots of food over the next week. Martha got nothin on me:)

Pictures to come.

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Andrea said...

You are amazing. It all sounds delicious!