Friday, February 8, 2013


 I took this kid to the Dr. yesterday.  Just a med switcharoo and scheduling for another sleep study.  We finally weaned Elliot off of the sleep meds that were helping with his  night terrors but now he isn't sleeping very well in back to the drawing board.  No matter though we had some time to goof around in the mirror at the Dr's office as our Dr. was running behind.

I love this kid.  I can't hardly believe he will be 10 this summer!  He is my jam.

 photo f55fb15a-be50-4dcc-94f1-c269706bded3_zps57b18a84.jpg

It can be hard to get him to be silly.  But we were able to get there yesterday. I know these are ridiculous, but its important to be ridiculous sometimes!
 photo 149404e7-5e46-44ed-9d23-f63772fb3b9b_zpsa0d82bf6.jpg
 photo 5ca910bb-6350-4417-8cb4-dedf9adf41b2_zps369dc9c0.jpg
 photo 9a72d653-14f8-40ef-bb90-f32fb17dd998_zps6762ae2c.jpg

Being a mom is kind of my favorite thing!! 

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