Friday, February 1, 2013

On making friends.

Here's the dealio.

Number 1 - I didn't want new friends....bad attitude that I am trying to fix.

Number 2 - It's hard work and takes much effort.

Number 3 - It's easy to go unnoticed and fly under the radar.

Number 4 - It feels very isolating when no one knows you and has no reason to.

Number 5 - I met some new moms at PE last week.  They were both knitting and seem to enjoy a lot of the same things that I do.

Number 6 - How do you ask.....Do you enjoy harvesting your own food?  Aka do you kill your own chickens?

Number 7 - I do have one friend here her name is Katrina and we don't have tons in common but she is super fun and I really enjoy her company.  She works with Brian.

Number 8 - I have a hard time justifying surface level relationship.

Number 9 - Making connections when you know leaving is inevitable is hard for me to wrap my mind around.

Number 10 - I miss my homies!

Today we are going to PE and a skating activity that takes place the first Friday of every month.  We have pretty huge goals set by the state for physical fitness so it is nice to have scheduled weekly activities to get those minutes completed for homeschooling.  Anyway I am hoping to meet some potential acquaintances.  It is so awkward and weird and I am used to being fairly sheltered in my friend making environment.  I usually know the root of most people I come in contact with.  And so I guess I even struggle with appropriate topics of discussion.  And so I confess I am nearly friend making illiterate and I miss my homies.

This was a fairly random blabber of a post.....stretching to the classification of word vomit.  Sorry its what I got today.

I will leave you with a text conversation I had with my mom yesterday.

 photo a34d73e1-af67-4b09-9bb9-3d02fe6976b1_zps5bce55bd.jpg
 photo 8d9a8e3e-fb67-4a4d-9aab-dc99a1c56281_zps54f59a4f.jpg

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