Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear Snuggie Marketing Team,

I just wanted to to take a moment to express my opinion on your success. You are very smart in how you advertise on some of the major television networks for children. My children and I am sure many others, have been very excited about the prospects of receiving a Snuggie for Christmas. You may laugh however every time your wonderful commercials comes on our living room is filled with squeals and talk of which color one thinks the other will receive. And now you have added the dog Snuggie bless you for thinking of such a wonderful and much needed item in our home.

Now my visits to Costco, Target, and many other retailers has become a game of avoid the aisle where this item may be housed. Otherwise our entire shopping trip is full of excitement related to your product as well as not so gentle reminders from my lovely offspring that I "promised" I would get them one.

You will be happy to know my dear grandmother went out and searched for the kids size Snuggie which is a rare stock item for retailers. After 3 trips to 6 different stores my children will now find pink and blue Snuggies under the tree.

However the dogs will remain freezing because your development team forgot to think of the Daschund market and they are much too short for our long variety dog.

Heres to hoping next year does not include a new and improved Snuggie product.

Not So Excited About Snuggies Mom
Somewhere, NW WA

Just a random post of what has now been a daily topic in our home for the last 2 months.


Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

Your cute. We don't have cable and I honestly don't even know what a sunggie is!? Can you inform me?

dosoates said...

but what about one for you and one for BJ?? :) this is too funny! i personally enjoy all the folks wearing snuggies on the bleachers. HAHA