Saturday, December 26, 2009

How Was Your Christmas? Ours Was Great!

I had a hard time getting into the Christmas "spirit" last week. Things were crazy at my house. My house was torn apart, my husband was in and out (mostly out) with crazy holiday hours, and I couldn't seem to finish anything I started (probably because I didn't even know where to start).

By Tuesday I decided I was no longer going to try and clean around the construction, rather I was just going to live in the construction. I made myself at home among the torn up flooring and newly laid flooring. I got used to dust flying through the air and decided to embrace the fact that my white bathroom floor would be a constant shade of gray. This made me feel better for a few days.

Well then Thursday rolled around and the reality of Christmas was upon me. I realized that in a matter of 24 hours the wrapping paper would be flying, toys would be strewn across the living room floor and there would be a feeling of controlled chaos entering my home. So after a spilled glass of egg nog all over the newly laid, only clean piece of flooring in my house I decided that vacating the premises for a bit and returning with a fresh outlook would be my only chance of surviving. So thats what I did. When I returned all of the things that seemed like big deals were small and the chaos just seemed normal (which it is). I cleaned all surfaces as well as the kitchen and the dirty bathroom floor, made 2 dozen dinner rolls, homemade bacon onion dip and packed up for the evening. I was on top of my game and God had renewed my spirit.

Friday morning was great I looked around and attempted to forget about all that still needed to be done and decided to focus on what Christmas is really about. At this very moment I realized how much I love this life exactly for what it was in that very moment. My kids are healthy, my husband loves me, my house is warm, there is food in my cupboards and I have HOPE. And the reason I have hope is because my God gave his Son for me! And He loves me even when I lose sight of what really matters!

Here are some pictures of the kids enjoying Christmas.

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Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

Your floors look great from the pictures. Glad you guys had a Merry Christmas. Let's get together soon!