Monday, December 14, 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

So happy to report that we finally secured a Christmas Tree. And even happier to report it was snowing when we got it. My Dad promised it would be snowing and it did. We go to the same lot every year it is secluded in the middle of the woods and operates with an honor box. The greatest place ever I tell ya. They don't charge by the foot here folks they charge by the type of tree you buy. Borrow a saw from the wood shed and cut it down yourself. I can't imagine going anywhere else and did I mention how beautiful it is up there?

This year was a bit different though....I actually was realistic with the size of tree I bought. Almost every year I choose a tree that hardly fits through the door let alone fits within our ceiling limits. But I did it I think it made Brian a very happy man:) Really people have you seen Griswolds Christmas...that is much what it is like at our house every year. The tree looks so small at the lot but once you get home you end up being able to keep only top pf the tree:)

We also played in the snow yesterday at my mom's. They have a big pond in there backyard at it was frozen solid. My dad said we could walk on it. I was a bit of a skeptic but after everyone else went on I followed. I will admit it was a bit strange to step off of the dock onto a sheet of ice. But it was much fun to build a small snow man and do snow angels on the pond. How bazaar right?

Long story short it was a fabulous day! And I got a tree however the next post will show you why it is still not decorated.

P.S. Notice Graces snow pants.... I picked them up at a garage sale this year. They are from a girls only store but they happen to be blue which matches her jacket. The man at the Christmas Tree farm referred to her as a boy. Note to Mr. Christmas Tree man girls can wear blue and she also has a pony tail and a pink ear warmer on...Hello.

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