Monday, December 14, 2009

The Young Messiah

To preface this post I am now declaring a blogathon. I attempt to avoid this type of event however, its been a busy weekend and there is a lot to report.

Well, Friday night was Elliots Christmas Program. They chose to do The Young Messiah this year. Elliot was pretty stirred up about the fact of having to wear a costume for half of there performance. When asked about the sort of costume he would be wearing he told me he was going to be a shepherd. I explained to him all of the wonderful aspects of being a shepherd and told him his costume would be sort of like a bathrobe with a headdress of sorts and it would probably prove to be quite comfortable. (Now you see Elliot truly dislikes anything dressed up, puppets honestly terrified him as a toddler as well as anything pretending to be anything else.) So not being able to leave well enough alone and being the over achiever mom that I am I ended the conversation with at least you don't have to be a sheep that would be really silly. Well wouldn't you know that the kindergarteners were sheep. Nice!! So any mom of a kindergarten child that may have been teased by my dear sweet boy please accept my apology I was only trying to help my child:)

Anyway, all of that aside it was a wonderful program. Elliot did awesome!! He was a little distracted by his teacher from last year sitting in the audience though. He must of spent 5 minutes making sure she saw him winking at her;)

And the costumes were quite adorable. I wish I would have gotten better pics but there was a very tall person sitting in front of me and by the time I got back to class he had his costume off:( Another photog mom was there snapping away and was nice enough to take some pictures for me so maybe I will have some to post on a later date.

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