Monday, December 14, 2009

I Think We Jagers May Be Crazy?

Who decides to rip up all of there flooring in their home roughly 10 days before Christmas? Oh yeah, The Jagers.

My Husband was super crabby yesterday and this morning and so this morning I decided to ask what the matter was. Well it turns out that Mr. Jager was feeling like he had a lot of projects to finish. So being the wife that I am I offered to vacate the premises in order for him to get some work done. No problem he said he would work on some of the new flooring we had purchased. Great, I had some baking to do so I went to do it at my Mother-In-Laws. In returning to the house you see from the pictures what I found. I have no words.

By the way, do not mistake this post as complaining because I am very thankful for all of the things my husband is capable of however.....Christmas is next Friday. And my tree is not decorated and we don't have the proper flooring that we want for the kitchen.....ahhhhhhhhhh. Just going mildly insane this evening. I know he will complete it but as of now I can't even cook in my own home:(

May I add that I have not really been in the Christmas Spirit and so I have been praying a lot about this lately. Two days ago I really felt like God was telling me and trying to show me that Christmas is so much more than the tree, cards, presents and what not. And it is so much more about giving of your self and Giving of your spiritual gifts to others that is important. So maybe allowing my husband to do this right now without totally freaking out is a way I can give a gift to him this Christmas Season. Hopefully this is the final chapter in my study on what it means to have Christmas Spirit....I am not sure I can bear much more construction:)

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Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

Yes, that is a bit crazy! Good for you for sitting back and letting your husband do what he needs too. That is a strong woman!
thanks but we have a guy that we know pretty well who is replacing our's been having issues for a while and he's been working with us the whole time so we feel like we should be loyal to him. You're the best!