Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Newest Bargain

I would like you new meet my newest bargain. This Monday Brian and I went shopping for flooring for Elliots room. It is the last room upstairs to be finished and boy was I excited to finally finish it. We got to the store and in looking we found a bit of flooring on sale for 17cents a square foot. This is really cheap people like ridiculous cheap. Well we made a split second decision and decided to get enough to refloor the entire downstairs as well. Woohoo. I can not tell you how excited I am. After three storess and many miles on the car i have secured enough flooring to complete the project. And do you know what the best part is. Wait for it....Wait for it......It only cost me $140. Are you kidding me?
Now to get it installed. I think we have some back labor stored up in a few friends:)

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Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

Wow! That is a killer deal. Way to go. I feel so out of touch with you and from your last post I feel like an "out of the loop well-wisher." You are inspiring. We have prior arrangements for tomorrow but next time I hope to be a "hand holder."