Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years "Dedication"

I really dislike the term "New Years Resolution." So after checking the thesaurus i found a synonym that I like much better...DEDICATION. After marinating myself in the word for a few moments I realized that is what I was going to do with my next year. I would dedicate it to an idea or goal really that was "God Centered."

Over the last few months I have really been trying to focus on loving myself for who I am as a child of God. Loving what God has created me to conquer, accomplish and do in His name, for His glory and for His people. I have been striving to love others as God loves them. I have been striving to give of myself even when it is inconvenient for me. I want so badly to live as selflessly as possible and at the same time love and embrace the gifts and passions that God has given me. I can not explain how much joy I have felt in living out the projects He has dropped in my lap over the last couple of months. They have seemed so impossible at the start but so miraculous at the end.

So back to my New Years Dedication. Every year my children bring home a coloring sheet from preschool that is so simple yet holds -I think -the key of our purpose on this earth. It says God's Rules, Love God, Love People. I truly covet this little color page it over stays its welcome on our fridge nearly until the next years page comes to replace it. It is such a great reminder of how simple our calling is on this earth.

So this year I am going to dedicate myself to this simple calling. I have learned that the simple calling does not always come with the most simple jobs or responsibilities, however if Gods will is in it I know he will continue to bless me beyond what I deserve with joy and a feeling of true fulfillment. I know that in loving Gods people I am ultimately loving Him. I prayed last night and gave myself completely to Him saying, "God, here I am us me as you see fit." And now I am going to hold onto my hat because I am sure there are many journeys ahead of me this year and many of them will probably include feeding others. Boy am I excited!!

I will leave you with the simplest prayer of thanksgiving, one that we pray often at the Jager House. Thank you God for providing us with all that we need and some of what we want too!

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mama bear said...

I love this! Happy New Year, and hope we will see each other more in 2010.