Monday, December 21, 2009

The Post With No Name?

This post has no name! I wasn't sure what to call it so this will have to do. Seems incredibly wrong to not name because the contents are so great however it is what it is.

Four years ago the Jagers entered the great big chapter of "Preschool." We tried a preschool in our neighborhood for three days only to find out that it was not a "good fit" for us the teacher or anyone else involved. I was pretty much convinced that preschool wasn't going to work for us at all after the teacher did everything short of tell me that my child was a mutant:)

Well after many tears, a phone call to the first preschool we tried explaining maybe not so nicely that we would never be returning there and a letter to the preschool explaining my disappointment in there actions, we were onto the next step, looking for anew school. Well here we were school had already started and most places were already full as well as had active waiting lists, it was frustrating. My Mother-in-law (I hate referring to her this way by the way, it seems to carry such negative baggage with it however I will save this rambling for another post) suggested I call Leslie DeJong I half thought to myself yeah right everyone in their dog wants to go there I will never get in. I called anyway and wouldn't you know she had an available spot.

I was quite nervous in dropping him off seeing as our first experience was nothing short of well disaster is a good word:) But everyday I would ask her, half waiting for her to let me have it, did he do ok? One day she finally looked me in the eye and said you know Jessica he is just a normal little boy with lots of energy and lots of love he is great! Be still my heart it still makes me cry. I needed to hear that so badly and I repeat these words to myself even still on days that I feel like pulling my hair out.

Well Leslie has been the gift that has kept giving for the last four years. I can not picture a better place for my children to get there preschool foundation. Last week Grace had her little Christmas Program. It is always so cute and at the same time so amazing to watch them all give Leslie their attention and respect as she leads them in 6 or 7 songs. She is always sure to praise them on the littlest things such as how quietly they are able to put their jingle bells away in the box. After they are done singing she calls them each back one by one to pick u there present they have made for there parents, we all open them at that time and praise our children for how beautiful their tiny creations are. This year I was sure to tell Leslie how much I appreciated her for what she does with the children. She shared a story with me in return. She told me they had had the Elders of their church over for dinner and they were all sharing stories of spiritual highs over the Christmas season. Do you know what this dear woman said hers was? Singing Christmas Songs with the 4 year olds in her preschool. She said this is when she sees God the most. As shes telling me a tear comes to her eye.

I can not explain how much I love this woman for loving my children, for teaching them about God's love and for allowing God to work through her in a way that most miss out on. My children are truly blessed and I am truly thankful!


The Burgharts said...

that just warms my heart!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better myself! We feel the same way! Teacher Leslie worked wonders with our daughter too! =)

Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

What a special lady. I too feel like Braxton's preschool teacher is an angel.
Grace looks so grown up in that picture.
I'm sorry we have missed each other. We really need to get together.