Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Three types....

So the following is some form of a wrap up of my thoughts over the last 24hours. As many of you know I am working on 2 very large projects right now. I too them on after much prayer and did choose on my own and after Gods prompting to to them both and although I am a bit stressed I am at complete peace this morning with both projects. Lots more still to be done, however God has assured me that if I continue to let Him take the lead that the path would be laid smooth before me.
After that little tangent I have come to the realization that there are 3 types of people that you come in contact with when taking on these types of projects. None of them are bad however some are better than others.
The three types are the Well Wishers, the Hand Holders, and the Neigh Sayers. Maybe you have found yourself in one of these categories before I can relate to each at one point or another.
The first type the Well Wishers are in my opinion the best at times. I do not reside in this classification often however I hope that I can learn to occasionally rest here a bit. They are the people that have boundaries, know what they can handle, are often extremely great at supporting in prayer and encouragement. They just jump in to projects with both feet but do let you know that they are cheering you on. They know what they are able to take on and are very good at noticing when their plate is full. They know how to say no and have no problem with that.
My final comment for you Well Wishers is....I sure hope I can learn a thing or two from you over time. I admire your greatness!
The second type is the Hand Holders. Bless these people they have full plates all the time and have earned their buffet size plates from even bigger hearts. They often are able to multi-task, are not afraid of a challenge, know how to manage a very full schedule, and love to help others. They are not good at saying no they may not even know how to say no, they often have a hard time with boundaries,they love to come alongside and help with whatever they can, there is often very little that freaks these people out. They often jump in with both feet and often end up over their heads in work but when God is with them it always seems to work out.
My final comment to these people is.....I am so thankful for you, people view you as a constant blessing but maybe we could learn something from the Well Wishers balance is good.(Balance is something I struggle with at times)
The third type is the Neigh Sayers. This type is the hardest for me to deal with however the serve their purpose in this world. These people are great at seeing every little thing that could go wrong, pointing out where you mess up, and overall putting a negative spin on everything you are doing. They are not good at giving you advice that is beneficial because they wouldn't dare tell you what they really think, they are not good at offering to help out because they want to see you sweat, and they are not good telling you they were wrong when you turn out to be a rock star and prove it had nothing to do with you anyway because God is in control of your life.
My last comment to these people is.....Thank you for being who you are, you make me work harder and cling more to what really matters because I want everyone to see what gives me strength at the end of the day.
I know this was a bit random but it was something I needed to get out of my mind.
This is my 300th post by the way. Thanks for reading.

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