Thursday, February 2, 2012

Elliot Update.

So we are still in the process of helping our little man. And if I being honest we are still in the process of helping ourselves as well. The three of us are quite exhausted at this point and really tired of Dr.'s.

Two days ago we received the results of the EEG. They showed nothing which the neurologist was not surprised about because Elliot was awake for the entire test and he only experiences difficulties when sleeping. SO now we are in the process of waiting for a sleep study that could take a month or more to wait for. THis is wearisome to me. So we are praying for expedited testing so that we can hopefully get some better tips on how to help our little man. It not so happy nes we received a call from Elliot's pediatrician yesterday stating they had seen something irregular and worrisome on his EKG portion of his test. For the love of humanity we so didn't need one more thing. The Dr. said it could be nothing or something...thanks:) In saying this we are going for a complete EKG tomorrow after school.

So right now I am beside myself. We are walking bewildered at this point and I am not sure I want to know what will come up next. But we will move forward in faith that God already knows what we need. We are praying that we have already been prepared from what is to come. We are praying for fast service in tests. We are praying against the stress and fatigue that has already come with all of this. We are praying that the anxiety of all of this continues to stay away from our little man. And I am praying that God can continue to strengthen me in the role of "Mother" to my children.

This whole experience has been mighty humbling as we wait for answers and wade through the unknown. We have asked our Dr. if this could be a reaction to meds Elliot is already on or If he thinks this is a result of emotional anxiety he has reassured us we are doing all that we can do right now and we will figure out the cause. I am working very hard a listening to peoples well meant advice but I will be honest in saying its hard. Advice automatically makes me defensive, it leads me to feeling as if I am not doing enough. I know this is satans handiwork and I try to pray it off daily. Asking God to replace my insecurities with trust and faith in his abilities to conquer all. So if I am not receptive to advice you may give please be gentle with my spirit..its in rough shape. I just can't handle much without bursting into tears right now:)

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Ed / Julie said...

Every time the Lord brings you to mind I say a prayer for your strength, for Elliot, for expedited testing, for answers and again for strength. I cannot imagine how tired and worn out you must be with the worry and the lack of sleep combined.