Thursday, February 2, 2012

To Twine or Not To Twine.

I have had two questions on the chicken front since my last post.

#1- Do you peel the citrus before you put it in the The essential oils in the rind are what adds a lot of the flavor to the meat of the chicken. So just chop your citrus in so segments and throw er' in.

#2- Why did I tie up the bird? How do you do it? And where do I get the twine?

I just get my kitchen twine from the grocery. It is usually by the foil pans and things or by the wood skewers. It is nothing special.
The main reason for trussing a bird is to maintain a juicy breast. Yep you read it here:) If you keep the legs in close to the bird it will better protect the breast meat during cooking. Now if you stuff the bird it isn't as necessary to do so, however trussing also maintains the shape of the bird during cooking. Mostly trussing just encourages even cooking so the air can circulate more evenly resulting in a more evenly cooked bird.

Since I am not making another chicken right now here is the best tutorial I could find (Step by step) to show you the ropes of trussing. Maybe next time I will try to do a vlog so you can see me do it. I hate my voice on camera though so don't hold your breath.

Again let me know how it goes...or if you folks have any more questions.

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Andrea said...

The chicken was delicious!
Thanks for the tips!