Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Birthday My Dude!

It happened he turned nine. And I love just the same. It wasn't earth shattering. But it was a great day.

One of the things I like most about Elliot is his love for life. Sometimes it can be a bit deep, but other times he is just the most fun loving all around lovable little dude. Every gift he opened to night was followed with the same exact genuine excitement, thankfulness and praise. I was so pleased with him. My heart oozed with love for him and how he is growing, how he is maturing. I love watching him grow into the person God is intending him to be its a gift.

Elliot kept on reminding me today was his birthday. I kept on assuring him there was no way I was ever going to forget. 9 years ago I was holding the most beautiful baby in the world. However I must tell you that 2 days prior to his arrival I was begging and pleading for any way to remove him from my body and I am not kidding. 2 days prior to his arrival I dropped the remote on the floor and went I went to pick it up I ripped the back of my pants. Not a good day in the land of completely pregnant. It was actually my due date. Yep the hubdub made the mistake of giggling and I proceeded to cry and cry and cry some more. I had experienced about 22 weeks of pre term labor at this point and had been off all labor ceasing medication for a good four weeks and now my body was confused to all get out. It didn't know when to contract or how to contract and so it just contracted all the time with no change in the areas that needed to do so and I was exhausted. And I thought it was a dirty rotten trick. So wah. June 19th came and my Dr. agreed to put me the hospital over night to try and get me some rest- it was a blessed time. I laid in bed with my giant slurpee and promptly after finishing I slept for a whole 12 hours....can I get an AMEN. At 2pm they broke my water and at 4:20 pm I had myself a wonderful little boy. I can not believe for two seconds that that all happened just like that 9 years ago. It was the greatest day!

Today was pretty great too as I mentioned. Like always in the Jager house your birthday starts with breakfast in bed. This year it was whole wheat pancakes with, scrambled eggs and as if the maple syrup doesn't have enough sugar, as Elliot says "my mom's canned peaches" and a glass of milk.

No crazy over the top creation this year. We went straight up and i made a two layer cake. Half chocolate chip mint ice cream and one layer devils food cake topped with fudge sauce. It wasn't actually really good, I thought it would be disgustingly sweet. And this little man loves himself some chocolate chip mint.

I love that I captured this face. You think he liked his skateboard? My dad asked if he could say broken arm. I replied that we hadn't been to the ER In almost exactly one year, they probably miss us around there anyway;)

And although his face doesn't show it he loves these two to the moon and back. Candid shots are so much better with him:)

Elliot I love you so much. I would have carried you around for another nine months if thats what it would have taken, just to end up with you as my son. You were incredibly worth it!! I love your brain, I love your heart...I love you!

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Andrea said...

Wow, nine!
What a fun day for a fun boy!