Saturday, June 30, 2012

Heavy Week.

It been a heavy week. Personally, mentally, outwardly, environmentally and otherwise. I have been saddened by loss, experiential differences and the like. I have been challenged by thoughts and possibilities. Stretched in my faith and what it means to believe to trust and to have patience in it all. I have been blessed in it all I can say that. With each tear comes the ability to have compassion the ability to feel for others, to empathize and feel beyond my own situation. With each smile comes the ability to show and experience joy. With each challenge I get to choose God and allow him to lead the way. I have felt God pretty strong this week. A lot of it I can't even explain but this week more then ever I have felt him create a churning within me.

But it has created quietness here. I am writing elsewhere more than I ever have before. Mostly matters of the heart that I am not ready to share....maybe someday, maybe never.

But I will be back. We have an exciting week ahead, the Gracer is turning 7 come Monday....its a big deal. Wednesday is Big Boomer Day and Thursday we leave for our road trip towards the Redwoods. Oh and I almost forgot Tuesday is harvest day over at my friend the farmers.

Its sure to be a good week...I will be back to report. But for now i think the rest of the week I will use to contemplate the churning.

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