Thursday, December 22, 2011

And this is how Christmas Vacation Begins.

We have school break traditions and they don't really line up with anything else I preach but whatever.....traditions they are.

FIrst on the last day of school before break I pick my cherubs up from school and take them for a happy meal(they have a half day). Yep they know thats where we are going and its a treat and well its great! Oh and by the way we take it home, I can't let my guard down enough to be surrounded by other kids germs days before Christmas......

The first day of break they get to watch an endless amount of toons in the morning. Its just the way it is. They watched the Chippettes this there any other child of the 80's out there that remembers this movie? Oh man I need the soundtrack!

So now you know my secrets. Judge on judgers:)

And just so you know that we are not all lazy lumps, Elliot is holding his end up in the brains department. Out of nowhere this is the question that comes out of his mouth,"Mom why did God make germs?" Yep, these are the questions I will experience daily for the next two weeks as I fail to stimulate his brain as much as school can. And by the way I answered I don't know....????? Anyone have a more theologically full answer for my wonderfully brained child?

And so it begins Christmas Break people......I am truly excited! We have nothing planned after the holiday and that is how I like it. The lack of plan leaves time for spur of the moment playdates and excursions. They are more fun that way!

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