Thursday, December 15, 2011

Elliot vs. The Babysitter

We had a babysitter tonight. I always warn the babysitters that my kids are crafty...not overtly naughty but for sure crafty.

The babysitter was downstairs watching t.v. Elliot was upstairs supposedly sleeping in his bed when the babysitter hears his radio.

So she treks up the stairs and confronts the little rascal.

She tells him he needs to turn it off because hes not sleeping.

He replies with,"The Lord is more important to me than my sleep." (Because he was listening to Praise.)

She says to me....At this point I didn't know how to respond:)

He did make the right choice and turned off the radio.... and was sleeping when I got home....but really these kids are crafty.

Also today the 3rd and 4th graders went to the health care center to sing to the residents. Upon walking into the facility a child walks up to my son and says, "The teachers totally lied it doesn't smell weird in here at all." to love them!!

And one last Elliotism before I leave you this evening, "How could I not believe her? People with glasses are really convincing."

Thats all folks!

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