Thursday, December 29, 2011

Guess where we are going?????


Three months from today I will be on an airplane heading to a foreign country with....wait for it.....only the hubdub. And there is more....for nine whole days.

I promise not to mention it on here everyday from now until then. Maybe just once a month for a proper countdown. But honestly I am so excited I could pee my pants.

-Reason for going (like we need one) celebrate 10 years of married commitment. I am so thankful for a husband that meant his vows to me when he let them pass his lips. I am so thankful for a God that gives us a foundation to build our life upon and words to support and teach us when we need them(all the time). And I am so thankful to be able to take this trip, I know that it is an extra added blessing, not anything that is needed or necessary, the fact that we can take the trip after ten years of saying that we would blows my mind.
-What about your mom will have them on the weekends and our fabulous and wonderful friends, Uncle Justin and Auntie Sarah will have them during the week. We are spoiled.....I totally know.
-Are we
-Do I feel bad about leaving my Are you kidding between my Mom and Uncle and Auntie Extrodinaire they will be experiencing their own version of Disneyland.
-Are there bugs and weird animals in Costa Rica...yes. Monkeys in the backyard reportedly and scorpions that occasionally frequent the floors(yep I still want to go). There are also lizards and beautiful birds and the like.
-Food....Food is high up on my list as they have authentic"mexican" style cuisine with lots of fish. I told Brian if we ate tacos everyday at some dive stand or hole in the wall I would be tickled. Tacos and me have a deep love affair. Bananas are also native to this I will finally be able to slightly "redeem" myself my eating one that is actually locally grown.
-Activities...Beach time, surfing, zip line courses through the rainforest, upright paddling through the mangroves, hiking...I mean come on. We are not necessarily doing all of these things.....not sure which ones yet.

Our story sounds like many others in the fact that we took a weekend away following our wedding and then spent the rest of our,"honeymoon money" on a move to the oh so fabulous state of AZ. We started out saying we would take a "honeymoon" on our 1 year anniversary but seeing as I was three weeks out from delivering our first child at that point, the trip was not in the cards. At this point we got a bit more realistic, Brian told me we would forgo the big trip until our 10 year wedding anniversary...and I am happy to report we have nearly arrived. I know that a honeymoon is not necessary and that plenty of people don't go on one and I am not saying for one minute that I feel it was something I missed out on, but for us it is something we always wanted to do.

So we are going to Costa Rica. We have rented a house in Playa Negra, which is on the upper NW coast. It is a bit away from the typical tourist areas which is right up our alley, we wanted to havve an option to travel to those areas but be located in a bit more of a relaxed local. It should be around 80 degrees the whole time we are there....and heat is my friend. We have promised ourselves plenty of relaxing laying around the pool and beach time along with some time spent enjoying all of the wonderful sights and features of Costa Rica. The thing I am most nervous about is the drive to our house formt he airport. The directions the home owner sent me resemble a joke seeing as the distances are sometimes described by 15seconds until you reach the soccer field take a left at the yellow sign.....yeah so if we make it to our house alive I will be happy.

I love adventure, I love travel, I love my husband, I love living in my bathing suit,I love the beach and the sun and the idea of having nothing I have to do. So the next three months of planning and preparing should be nothing short of a dream.

Heres to a vacaiton!! I feel blessed and excited and overwhelmed and excited:)

Yay for "honeymoons!"

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