Thursday, April 15, 2010

Feeling Overwhelmed.......

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and since this is my blog I am choosing to use it as a outlet to whine about my overwhelmedness(not a word I know).

Right now I need to be cleaning not typing. You see it all started with a construction project which turned into a major remodel. Then I took a one time job that turned into a part time job. On top of this I have major commitments for the school that start Saturday and continue thorough the summer. On Saturday evening I also have a tasting for a wedding this summer. My Laundry Room is in disarray and my husband told me I can't change that because the dryer has to stay right where it is (in the middle of the now smaller room) until the siding is put on. My dishwasher rack is more than broken taking any ease out of loading it. My oven quit working last night as I was making dinner (apparently the oven didn't get the memo concerning the kitchen remodel for NEXT year). My husband is going out of town all next week and I work 3 days, making child care extremely difficult....and I have never had to find tons of childcare before so that alone is enough to throw me over the edge. Oh and did I mention my husband invited people over for dinner tonight, bless him this is something I normally rejoice about but really if you saw my house you would understand why I am loosing my mind. On top of all of this I need to find time to shop for the tasting and buy 200 hot dogs and buns for a food booth.

So that about covers it. I think having a little prayer time is the next thing on the list and then I will move on and try to conquer a few things.

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