Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Choice

I made a choice today....I chose to thank God for each step I took today from the moment my toes hit the floor. I decided I was going to do this the moment I shut my eyes last night.

It has been pretty heavy around here lately and there is nothing I can do about the heaviness. So I decided I wasn't going to let myself get bogged down anymore and made the choice to be thankful instead.

And you know what?? Today was amazing. I rocked it...I accomplished a ton at work and felt really satisfied when I got home which made it so much easier to love up on my family as soon as I walked through the door. God was with me all day!! I could feel His hand upon me all day. I knew he was there and I was so thankful for that. Sometimes it takes some perspective in life...sometimes it takes looking at the big picture and asking yourself some hard questions. Is my stinky mood going to help any of this or any of us????? NO! Can I change the choices others are making for themselves????? NO! Should at let others steal my joy???? NO! Do I need to give up control???? YES! So that is what I did I gave up control and decided to be thankful instead. I allowed the situation to be what it is and not worry because really worrying is saying that God can't handle it and I know that is the farthest thing from the truth.

This all being said I work a 12 hour day tomorrow. I am going to choose to thank God for each minute of it:)

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The Mom said...

I'm in a stinky mood too. I'll be thankful tomorrow with you! Learn something new at work, OK? Like, where to get that pickled eggplant for my sushi. (Are you smiling? I'm thankful!) ;)