Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good Food, Good Friends, Good Times

Today I worked, yesterday I worked and the day before that I worked. My work week is over woohoo!! A little tidbit about work for you, many of you have asked what its like. Well it is much like I would imagine Cooking School to be. This is funny to me because just a couple of months ago I told Brian I needed to take a few more cooking classes, in addition to my constant addiction to cook books and the like. I had been wanting to learn more about other techniques and cooking styles. Well be careful what you wish for and pray about because sometimes you get exactly that. My day starts with food and ends with food because as soon as I get home from work I start thinking about how I will accomplish dinner, oh and did I mention i come home most days smelling and probably resembling a meatball?. Back to my job though.....I have been stretched in every way imaginable so far, my boss is amazing she actually intimidates me a bit which is funny! She is constantly critiquing me even when she loves what I do...its exhausting!! She told me nicely the first week I worked there that my knife skills stunk. She now tells me I have improved quickly and to a point she finds satisfactory????? Whatever that is supposed to mean? She explained to me how to properly make a salad yesterday...I was offended at first but then I realized her communication skills stink and that's ok:) I fond myself thanking her when she explains things to me in a satisfactory fashion, its all about positive reinforcement right (it works with my kids you can't blame me for trying). I did develop a new recipe today and she gave me permission to keep it..ok whatever:) It is funny because at times she tells me to develop something that falls under a certain umbrella or she tells me to find something to fill a tart shell and that is when I feel the most confident because that is when I get to be me and do things the way I do them. She even asked me for my Signature Salmon Recipe the other day and I gave her most of it;) It may seem like I am negative about my job, however I am having the time of my life and soaking every minute up like a sponge. I am a learner by nature I love info and that is exactly what I am getting. The final word on the job is is keeping me very HUMBLE:)

Our friends came over on Sunday as usual for games:) It was a blast we had yummy food and played a game of Settlers. This is the original game of "game night" and we haven't played it in awhile so that was a treat. I actually spent most of the time enjoying the company and gave up my strategy. Brian won I must admit by a landslide:) I love our friends they are the best friends anyone could ask for and they are all ours:) I love how we are all so excited about each others lives and accomplishments and how we support one another through the rough patches. If you are one of these friends you know who you are and we love ya!!

Good times are on their way:) Operation Siding next Saturday should hold many great memories and lots of laughs. I will be catering that day as well as supporting a food booth and then rushing home to feed some hungry men, by request they will have stuffed hamburgers and all the perfect sides to go with them. The next Saturday is the annual Jager Spring Potluck. And guess what, I am not making pulled pork this year (:() I know its a bit sad and I will truly miss the smell of pork (heaven) slow cooking in the oven but we are switching things up and having homemade fish and chips and a mini dessert buffet:) YUM YUM I don't think anyone will be to disappointed.

So that catches you up:) And if you are attending the event I am catering next weekend you will be the first to try my newest dessert recipe:)


Julie said...

Hey Jessica! I've been gone and just got back and am catching up. We missed you at Coffee Break yesterday, but now I know why you missed! Wow!!! You are amazing and your attitude is inspiring. Keep your passion, friend!

Cristi said...

Looking forward to that dessert, Jessica!