Monday, April 12, 2010

This Old House Part Deux

New wall in laundry room.
Spot for the new door and part of a wall (oh and random clutter that will be moved tom.)
New window in laundry room.
The picture of the missing wall before the framing.
Oh and just in case you haven't seen enough of our flashy house here is a bigger picture:)

So I know I already blogged on the topic today, however I am really trying to keep a good record of the progress for the future and for days when I feel like I can't take anymore...on these days maybe I can look back and see how far we have already come.

Today Grace and I spent most of the day at my Grandmas because my house had holes in it. It started with one hole not so bad, actually I am fairly used to this at this point. But then I received a picture message on my blackberry of a second hole, a much bigger hole then the first, in fact there was a whole wall missing. May I add it was a wall that I wasn't planning on missing? Yeah well the only thing between us and the great outdoors tonight is a piece of tyvek. (and the back porch door, that doesn't lock). Anywhoo......I think it all started with a great idea from Grandpa to add some more space into the new room, and next thing you know an extra wall is demoed. Wow this project is getting to be big.

Changes made today: Wall pulled out and partially re-framed, big window taken out of laundry room smaller window put into the laundry room to accommodate for the lack of wall space, door framing done, measuring for new window for new dining room complete, extra fridge moved out of the now smaller laundry room (it is plugged in on the patio, very redneck, no pictures sorry, I am emptying it out tomorrow and putting it on corner with free sign), many items I have no room for moved into my house what am I going to do with all of this for now??????????

Bottom line is we are keeping things moving:) Thanks again Grandpa for all of your help!! We couldn't do it without you. And thanks for pizza tonight not sure I could have found space to make dinner with all of the new "housewares" in my kitchen:)

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