Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Husband Thinks He Drives A Big Truck.....

My husband has been known to haul giant items in his compact automobile. You see we do not own a pickup truck, we have access to borrowing a couple but they aren't always available right when he needs them. And that fact that we are in in the middle of a remodel does not always provide time for patience.

Last Monday in the cold wind and rain and hail my husband decided to start on the dining room addition. (Dining Room Addition sounds so fancy and it really isn't that fancy, although I am proud that my husband has the skills to make the project happen. And the idea of having a couple hundred extra square feet is really exciting to me.) The framing process is started and in a few weeks we should have the exterior of the room completed. After that I am praying for a nice warm weekend to re-side the house. Bye Bye nasty, cracking, faded vinyl and hello Hardi Plank. Things are moving maybe not so fast but they are moving:)

Hope you enjoy the hilarious picture of my husbands compact pickup truck. This will not be the last time he loads it up like this. Last week he had a huge popcorn maker and neon sign for work in there. Not sure how he has room once the car is loaded up but he manages. The other pictures are of the progress. This is the only time I will ask you to disregard the enormous piles of construction clutter. We do not have a garage so it gets moved from covered area to covered area for now.

The picture of the wall with the mirror on it is to show the wall that will come
out to make an opening for the new dining room. Many have asked for us to explain how we will get into the new room and this is how. I can't wait for the demo part of the job it should be fun!

More updates to come:)

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Anonymous said...

So, what will the room become that is currently your dining room? I hope you use that great mirror somewhere again when the remodel is done!