Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Lelli Kelly Shoe is the Bain of my Existense.....

Don't know if you other moms out there have seen this commercial on one of the major cartoon networks or not but we have...many times. There is a cute little jingle and lots of smiley little girls with lip gloss. This commercial is the equivalent to crack for Grace, there is no other way to describe it. She wants the shoes and she wants them bad! So after the tenth time of hearing the "cute" little jingle I decided to go online and research a pair for a possible birthday present. What I am about to disclose to you will shock you beyond anything imaginable. The cheapest pair is $60....holy crap!! How is any mother supposed to justify buying a pair of these?

So what does a mom do she hops on e-bay and attempts to obtain a gently used pair....these are still going above my budget. It may be time to invest in a bedazzler and a pair of keds? Anyone have a bedazzler left over from way back? What do you think?

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