Friday, April 23, 2010

A Random , Exciting, Exhilirating Post!

Tomorrow I get to spend the day doing something enjoyable for me...I am going to see the Beth Moore Simulcast at Christ the King Church:) Boy am I excited!! I pick the babysitters up at 8:30 and away we go:) WOOHOO

My dear friend Willie still needed tickets however CTK has been sold out for weeks. After much joking about scalping tickets or sneaking her in we had lost hope....until this morning. I won four tickets on Praise for her to go to the simulcast in Vancouver. I was caller #6:) Can't believe it!!! Yeah Wilie you are on your way!! How silly, I have never been so excited about winning something and it wasn't even for me!! SO pack your tissue you Willie who cries as much as I do!!

I may have been whispering Big Money, No Whammies as the phone was ringing...all of this single mom stuff is starting to make me crazy. Brian comes home tonight though I can't wait! I miss him so much. And after watching Gone With The Wind with Sarah last night I am full of mushy love and dramatic heartache..................I would share my favorite line in the movie but then you would all puke and never read my blog again so I won't. But if you guess which one I will tell you if you are right.


dee said...

Is it, "I swear...I'll never go hungry again!"???

Julie said...

I can't believe you won tickets for Willie! That's so awesome. Was it a great experience? :)