Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some Good Things and Some Interesting

The house is progressing.......yeah:)
My dishwasher is holding on by a thread(literally)
We are blessing our new room by writing scripture on the insides of the walls(come by if you have a verse you want to add)....yeah:)
My oven stopped working tonight.......double boo:(
It was sunny and warm today.....yeah:)
My life as a working mom is overwhelming and childcare is
My Grandmas new apartment is so close and we can visit anytime we want and organize her cupboards.....yeah:)
Eagle Boosters was extremely overstimulating
Grannies Club Luncheon was very encouraging....yeah:)
Still can't find my car keys and am using the
Bible Study was amazing and I-heart- Beth Moore...yeah:)

That about sums up my day.....and that is all for tonight.

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