Monday, April 19, 2010

I Have Regained My Sanity.....

Thank you to all who called, emailed, and/or offered to help me with my crazy are much to good to me. My blog is really an amazing outlet to me, so much so that I even forget I am writing something that others may read.? Anywho...the support was very nice and very appreciated and to show for it I have all of my laundry washed, a clean patio and shed and little to no construction debris hanging around:) Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!
Here are some new pictures of our progress. That window will be gone although many think window access to the kitchen would be handy:)
The new window is gorgeous, this isn't a very good picture of it. In the distance you can see the chaos in my laundry room...there are rumors of sheet rock being put up in there this evening. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Here is our beautiful door. I absolutely love it. Should have taken a picture of the new steps Grandpa built outside of it though.....they are beautiful!!! Thanks Grandpa. Oh can you see my lilac bush peeking through the window? It is lovely:)
Oh and here is the newest hole:) I came home from work to the new hole this evening my husband was confused as to why I found it a bit overwhelming. However I am trying to have a good attitude.

One of my friends who will remain nameless was nice enough to call me out last week and reminded me that complainng about my "perfect" life could be offensive to others. I figured she was right and I should probably clear up any confusion linked to my thankfulness for the project. I know how blessed I am in fact it brings me to tears frequently. We have more help than I could even begin to ask for, Grandpa has been here every day for over a week now helping and Grandma comes along most days to clean up a bit or see what she can do to help. My Dad has been here on numerous occasions as well as many of our other friends and family members. People have taken us for dinner, brought treats and called me with support. My wonderful, amazing, supportive and loving Mother-in-law did all of my laundry for me because my laundry room is crazy right now. So what I am saying is I feel and know I am completely blessed. I am thankful beyond anything I can express in words.

I am not sure you can see the verses written on the walls in any of the pictures but people have come over to share many lovely verses with us to bless our new room with Gods Word. Without God this project would not be possible he continues to bless beyond our wildest dreams daily.

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