Monday, April 12, 2010

This Old House

Yesterday was Sunday. As a general rule Jagers do not perform yard work on Sundays. In fact I become sort of grouchy when I hear the noise of lawnmowers on this day because I feel we should all be resting and enjoying and reflecting on what God has given us. With this all being said we broke all of our own rules yesterday, yet I think we still accomplished all three things I hold important (well maybe not the resting).

So the pictures reflect what we did accomplish. We tore all the yucky blue nasty siding off of our house. My dad was able to come and help which was awesome!! The kids and I had the job of putting all the old siding into the trailer. We had a lot of fun, enjoyed each other, the sunshine and reflected on our thankfulness of being able to do this project at all. It was a great day!!

SO drive by the house and check out the project. I recommend sunglasses because the glare form the silver insulation is quite impressive:)

Today Brian and his Grandpa are going to complete the framing for the new room. Yahoo. And did I mention someone (you know who you are and we are forever grateful for your help) gave us a gift this weekend. We were given a beautiful new door for the new dining room to provide access to the patio:) I will try to take a picture of it this afternoon for the next post.

SO we are truckin' along around here. Taking care of business. May 1st is the day that has been named siding day:) Many are planning on coming to help with this enormous project, thanks in advance for all of the help.

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