Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Get your teach on.....

I started teaching yesterday. Yay for feeding kids weird things and them telling me yum:) 7 new lovers of zucchini and eggplant and chocolate tomatoes:) Part of the curriculum is all about food introductions. So once a month we will have a tasting that includes trying new foods and learning where they come from. We talk about how they grow and what food group they belong to:) Sounds exciting right. The kids were super receptive and very brave!

I am also teaching a class called science through art. We made streamlined gliders out of cardboard and flexie straws and then flew them around the playground. Really I get paid for this? The big learning concept for this lesson was the idea of something being built to be streamline for speed and accuracy.

I have to say that I will probably learn a lot this school year as well while I teach these little ones.

I have seven kids in my School of Yum Class(thats what my curriculum is called) they are in K -1st grade. And I have 10 kids in my Science through Art class ranging from K-3rd grade. So far they all seem very sweet.....I must add I have a whippersnapper very much like my little E man at home and although someone tried to "warn" me about him, I think we will manage just fine.

The only difficult part so far has been that I can't use God in my teaching at all seeing as I am teaching in a public school environment...but I know that God is stil using me in this environment still. I didn't realize how hard that would be for, I mean I grew up in public school where that wasn't aloud to be part of my learning picture. However in my mothering and teaching at church everything is surrounded around and his care and love for us. It has been an interesting revelation for me for sure!

So there you have it my first day was pretty great...can't wait until my second day tomorrow.


Andrea said...

Tell me more this sounds so awesome!

Ed / Julie said...

What? You're teaching? Where? HOW did I miss this?? How exciting and congrats!