Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jager Grown Up Date Night

The Jager grown-ups are attempting to have a date night once a week. This is something that is not always easy for a number of reasons, there is a lot to schedule in order to make it work. Also during the school year I feel like our time together as a family is limited to evenings and weekends which is a hard adjustment for me. So we have decided to try to go on dates on Friday or Saturday night at 7pm which means we get a sitter to come and do bedtime...which works well. I will let you know how this works out over the next couple months. I know that it is so important for us to make this commitment to each other apart from our little cherubs.

So first date night was a trip to The Fork at Agate Bay, which is on the far side of Lake Whatcom off of North Shore drive. It is locally owned which makes it a wonderful choice from the get go, it is not a chain and everything is made fresh to order. I also like that they have a seasonal menu that changes as local ingredients change, this is something that hits close to home for me because the Angry Blueberry strives for this in her business as well;)

So you should know first off I didn't take any picture....shame on me I know.

To cut to the chase I will tell you what we ordered.

We started out with Pork Belly Sliders. Their Pork Belly is House Smoked, and it is topped with pickled red onion a bit of house made aioli (which is basically a spicy mayo with an acid added to it, typically vinegar or lemon juice), arugula and a housemade potato chip. Get out of town these were good. The appetizer came with two which was a perfect start to our meal.

I then went on to order a salad that had marinated stone fruit and fresh green salad complete with arugula and a light vinaigrette...yum. For dinner I ordered a seasonal vegetable risotto. If you want to see if a restaurant knows what they are doing, ordering what they offer for vegetarians is a good place to start. And The Fork did not disappoint. THe risotta was velvetty, and creamy and everything it should be, it was filed with fava beans, asparagus and scattered with house smoked local mushrooms, finished with the appropriate amount of fresh squeezed lemon, this really was the best part of the dish it left me wanting more. But I was stuffed at this point and was craving dessert:)

Brian ordered the Bourbon Pork RIbs served on top of a Jicama Slaw....the ribs were cooked perfectly tender and had an amazing flavor.

Prices are not cheap but you definitely get what you pay for. With normal sized helpings, awesome service and a great environment you really can't go wrong in my opinion. I would have to say it was one of the best meals I have had out in some time and Brian and I try lots of new restaurants every year. They just really had it all together it was very much enjoyable.

Oh dessert , I can't forget that. We shared a fig creme brulee served with a fig sauce on the side.....yeah it was heaven with the perfect amount of crack when you took the first dip.

More to come on Jager Grown Up Date Night. ANd I will have to add that eating dinner at 8pm is always quite lovely for some reason.


Andrea said...

You are making me hungry!
Date nights are important and yes, hard to schedule!

Ed / Julie said...

We had a date night at the Fork for our anniversary this summer! Loved it! Especially the brocooli soup with SPICED POPCORN! Amazing.