Saturday, September 10, 2011

Its not all fancy meats and cheeses folks...

Sometimes the veggies steal the show.....
And they look like this.

This is Romanesco. It is a type of broccoli. Isn't it amazing.

I also get my salad greens by the garbage bag now;) A tall garbage can bag can hold anywhere from 3 to 4 lbs of salad. 1 lb feeds about 20 people. And my farmer chick makes it for me. Its filled all sorts of green purple and red goodness. It goes straight form her farm to my clients table. 100% certified organic too. Most of my veggies right now come from farms not more than 5-10miles form my front door. Its the bomb (yep I said it).

Get your eggplant, get your zucchini, get your beans, get your carrots, get your heirloom tomatoes, get your garlic and please do not leave out that beautiful head of cauliflower.

This is what I mean when i say food with integrity. Food with integrity has to start with ingredients with integrity. I know where each farm is that the veggies are grown on. I know most of the farmers and they know me. They are never processed or picked before they are ripe. Its food how God intended.

The Angry Blueberry makes a promise to be as local as possible when picking ingredients as well as organic as possible. We strive to know exactly where the ingredients come from. We also make everything from scratch. I cook for my clients the same way that I cook for my family.

The Angry Blueberry has been especially busy so the veggie farmers and the AB have been tight lately. My other friends include the veggie farmers dealer, the cheese chick, the meat people, and don't forget the boys down at the rental place yep they been watching for me on the weekends(they always laugh at how much I try to fit in my van).

My new office of choice lately has been in Semiahmoo and boy do I love it. Sometimes the decks are so close to the water I could spit in it(I don't though ladies don't spit ask my Grandma) and sometimes its practically on the golf course. In my spare time I try to memorize gate codes and fancy dog names. My new clients are all wonderful. And I think the next year is going to hold lots of new things for the AB, travel, a magazine article and a lot more, so stay tuned.

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The Mom said...

LOVE IT ALL and so proud of you! See to it you don't forget the meat people. ;)