Friday, September 2, 2011

You should know.....

You mess with Grace and Elliot's going to teach you a lesson.

So Elliot and Grace(mostly Grace) had their first week of school meltdown after getting off the bus today. It was rotten for everyone involved.

But to be expected for sure!!

In this it comes out that there is a bully on the bus who has been bugging Grace. I told her it was important that she tell the bus driver so she could handle it. Their bus drivers name is Miss Femmie by the way...adorable I know. Anyway in saying this Elliot catches wind and says, "Don't worry Gracie you just point him out to me on Monday and I will teach him a lesson."

So we had a talk about what that meant to him....he had something else in mind, much different from what I had in mind. So we settled on him asking the kid to stop if he experienced anything happening. Brian once told him the only time it is okay to punch someone first is if they hit your sister or your mom....yep these are the conversations that go on in the Jager house. Elliot was sure to remind me of the rules.

I love how much these two love each other. I love how Elliot is the first to make sure Grace is okay if she is upset. And how Grace can't sleep upstairs if Elliot isn't home. They are so sweetly attached to one another. Oh how I wish I could have had a protective older brother to teach people a lesson.

So I will be adding bus prayers to my long list:)

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