Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Welcome to Fermentation Homies!

I am currently fermenting something on my countertop...actually five jars of something. First person to guess whats in the jar...gets one (if you want one that is).

All persons named Lea are permanently disqualified from participation.

I will tell you what it is on Friday and announce the winner if there is one:)

And in addition to this Lea and I are giving a fifteen minute informational at coffee break tomorrow all on the subject of fermentation. Should be riveting. We will demonstrating the creation of Sauerkraut. Now you know that that isn't what is in the jar...consider that your only hint.


The Burgharts said...

it looks like coleslaw. carrots, red cabbage and green cabbage. I can't imagine what it might be! looking forward to the answer.

Ed / Julie said...

Oh my word. I also think it looks like coleslaw, but I've never heard of fermenting coleslaw. It's got to be some kind of relish or something. I'm sure with you & Lea at the helm, our Coffee Break chat about fermentation will be amazing. Even for someone like me. :)

The Mom said...

This morning I noticed fermentation has begun in my jars. Lots of bubbles and froth. I hope you didn't forget to loosen those caps!

The Brewer said...